What does it take to be an expert in communications? The ability to write well, the acumen to build trust, the foresight to strategize, the persistence to execute, the poise to share, and the skills to create. When it comes to values, it requires a balance of confidence and humility.

Strategic Communications Planning & Auditing
Media, Corporate & Non-Profit Writing
Stakeholder Relationship Management
Project Management & Process Implementation
Storytelling & Public Speaking
Graphic & Video Design, Production & Publication


Expertise is only as good as the results it generates. Take a look at some of my projects below.


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How Non-Profits Can Tell Fathomable Stories to Inspire Action

At 14, I came across Mark Joyner’s Simpleology program. One of the first lessons his students learned from his videos was about crystallizing vision. In the video, he asks his students to first imagine lots of money. After a short pause, he asks them to imagine a $100 bill. Go on ahead and try it out now. As you can guess, it was easier […]

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Cody Keenan, President Obama’s SOTU Speechwriter

Keenan emphasizes that any big speech, particularly a State of the Union, is the result of collaboration among a large number of White House employees, including policy advisors, researchers and other writers — and the final edits are always the president’s. – NBC News Click here for the full article on Cody Keenan by NBC […]

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The Changing Landscape of Media Relations

There is a lot of pressure on PR professionals to get media coverage for clients. Often times, this is difficult because a product or service is not newsworthy. Many times, clients also do not understand the forms that PR can take, relegating a campaign’s success to press agentry.This means that while PR pros use various metrics to measure campaign success […]

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