Harrison Kratz of Kratz PR published a post that people are the foundation of PR. He was referring to the people aspect of technology, or more specifically, people as determinant of the role and success of technologies such as Facebook and Twitter. This is an important aspect to remember. There is another aspect regarding people as well when it comes to PR.

People Relations

When Systemgraph sued its customer for voicing his concerns about customer service on an online public forum, it caused a ruckus. Stratos Safioleas asked us:

But what will be the endgame for #systemgraph? What PR people think will not matter. What users think does!

Stratos hit the nail on the head. What PR people think will not matter as the endgame. But before the game even starts, PR people need to think like customers.

I responded by saying that honest PR is about people. And, good customer service is part of good PR that more than just satisfies users. I am a strong proponent of engagement, and that is what Systemgraph has failed to do.

There are endless lists of top PR blunders (This list is by Lauren Gray), and a majority of them revolve around dishonesty, or lack of communication. The most famous example that comes to mind is the recent BP oil spill. Havoc.

What Happens When You Engage?

Good stuff. Lots of it. Good for customers, good for press. Good for growth. When you engage with, and think like customers, a lot of things will go right. This doesn’t mean that you won’t make mistakes. This will mean that you will learn from them, and people will forgive you – most of the times. There is, after all, no excuse for slacking off.

As a PR practitioner, it is important to periodically ask yourself as to whether or not you are really thinking about people. Are you a People Relationist?

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