Recently, Harrison Kratz produced a two-part interview with Deirdre Breakenridge for PRTV, a wonderful initiative that brings the PR community together, with some amazing content for PR students.

Deirdre had some great things to say – and she always does. She connects with her audience, making her one of the influencers in the social media scene. She provides valuable advice that students and practitioners can follow. In an industry that can be so overwhelming, her words allow us to understand how to take it step by step.

In a word, Deidre engages with her audience and with the current affairs and trends in PR.

What I aim to do in the following few lines is share the great insight that Deirdre shared during her interview with Harrison, while commenting on some of those elements.

Cyclone Pace

PR is now more hands-on and this is thanks to the cyclone pace at which digital technologies have developed and become accessible.We are more hands-on. Deirdre called this the digital creed. I don’t think I can entirely be succinct about what the digital creed entails. It is indeed a heavy concept to grasp, but we’ll get there.

Changing the Way We Approach the Public

The new generation of media (the online media) may be called the fourth generation. We are currently only just experiencing the shift from the third generation into this fourth generation. Under this shift, we have subsumed the previous technologies of the television, and social media has allowed previous technologies to be integrated with newer ones.

And this is why we are doing many more things than we were doing before. It is common to expect now, for someone in communications to know not only video production, but also web development as well as content writing.

This is an opportunity for us to engage more actively with customers and audiences. Clients can connect directly, as Deirdre says, with businesses, and vice versa. The feedback loop has become shorter, more transparent, and more reactive.

Positive Reactivity

It is important to harness this reactivity and turn them into great opportunities to connect. Audiences are not passive any longer, as was so previously, and this is thanks to social media. Customer complaints and suggestions can be taken into account more quicker, allowing for improvements in products and services at a pace not possible until very recently.

Deirdre strongly advocates that “PR is strategic and communication to the public is critical to the brand.”

Food for Thought

Think about the recent blunders in PR and a failure in communication on part of many large organizations and even governments. Do they shy away from engaging with audiences? Do they still think as audiences as passive recipients on a different plane altogether? Deirdre shared some important things that seem to get lost sometimes, in the hustle bustle of all the new activities that we are partaking in online.

Thanks Deirdre and Harrrison!

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