As a graduate-to-be, it can be overwhelming to juggle school, embark upon a career, and learn from life. From my experience, it is always best to set goals, which immediately puts you ahead of a high majority of people. Here are some tips that I wanted to share with you based on my learning. Please feel free to add your own tips in the comments section.

I call it, Life GPS

1. Begin to Write
Teasing out the ball of yarn that is a career and life can be a daunting prospect. I began by writing down everything that came to my mind on a piece of paper (don’t type, write). What my eventual goals are (being a crisis communicator), and what I want to do in life, generally.

Goals are never static through time. They are alive. Go with the flow, and make adjustments.Write
It’s like Tai Chi.

2. Highlight
Underlining everything that seems like a goal will help you see more clearly into the future. Goals may be large or small, long-term or short-term. Some may be ends in and of themselves, while some may lead to larger goals. Once you highlight everything, you will get rid of all the clutter in between.

3. Reorganize
Make a list of all the highlighted goals you have. Sort them according to priority.

4. Attainable Goals

It is always prudent to begin with setting small, attainable goals. This helps you identify short- (few days to few weeks), medium- (few weeks to few months), and long-term (few months to few years) goals. In addition, it will make attaining goals…well, more attainable. This helped me build confidence in my ability to reach my goals and had a snowball effect: I felt I could take on larger goals.

5. What Needs to Happen
A tactic that I learned from Mark Joyner of Simpleology was to identify what needs to happen right before you reach your goal. This was a backward planner, and it worked really well in figuring out the practical steps I needed to take in order to reach goals. I encourage you to sign up for Simpleology 101 and take advantage of Mark’s tools and ideas (I have no vested interest in Simpleology).

6. Get Set
The truth is, you are already set up! You’ve essentially taken care of all the preparations. You just need to look at everything, and see if you want to make last minute tweaks.

7.  It’s Go Time!
Begin! Take the steps now to achieve your goals! Not tonight, not tomorrow. Take steps now!

Remember, as you go along, you may have more goals, or priorities may change. You may even decide to fine tune the goals or steps that you need to take based on your wisdom and experiences! Go with the flow. Goals are never static through time. They are alive. Go with the flow, and make adjustments. It’s like Tai Chi.

How do you achieve your goals?


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