Auto DM’s happen to be one of my biggest social media pet peeves. You know, those messages you get when someone follows you and then you follow them back?

Here’s top three reasons why Auto DM’s are bad.

1. Disengagement

Right off the bat, when I receive an Auto DM I think to myself, oh gosh! If you’re sending Auto DM’s it shows to me that you really don’t care about building connections and relations, you’re just here to sell something. Often you will send a generic “thank you for following me, buy this” or “check out our website or ebook” message. I implore you to not do this. It’s even worse when your DM’s have a link. I don’t trust you enough to click on something that may be a virus.

2. Disingenuous

Maybe this isn’t the correct word to use, but I’m sure you will understand that when you use Auto DM, it makes me suspect that you are insincere about your intentions and who you are. You have a great profile, and a real photograph, I think you’re worth following. But when I get that DM, I think twice about engaging with you and your content.

3. You Don’t Get It

This s the most important. Auto DM’ing? You don’t get social media, period. It’s social media. Get social. All your DM’s say to me is that you are going to use Twitter to blatantly promote something, perhaps something you don’t care much about, or don’t believe in. Sure you can use Twitter to market yourself or your product, but it should grow organically. People should galvanize around your product or service. Let them come to you, while you build connections.

Any other reasons why DM’s are a bad idea?


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