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Earlier I had said that you are wiser than you know, and that you can back your opinions with informed proof points. Why does this matter?

Or, in other words, why should you HARO?

HARO stands for Help A Reporter Out (HARO’s website, HARO’s twitter), and according to them, “Everyone is an expert at something.”

It’s important to help out because the PR world runs on connections. Between PR Pros, Between journalists and PR Pros, between People and PR Pros, Between…and the list goes on.

Whats The Benefit?

Getting out there: Credibility & Influence

If you help a journalist with some expertise or a quote, you’re getting your name out there. You’re taking steps to establish credibility and influence. Remember, you should try to focus your expertise on one or two things. You do not want to be known as the jack of all trades. Be the ace of one or two. Of course, have an opinion on other things, but give these to journalists only when necessary. Evaluate your presence in the media landscape, and make sure you are an ace, not a jack.

Build priceless connections

As I said earlier, this industry is about who you know. When you help journalists out, you begin to establish a relationship. If they like what you said, they’re likely to come back to you. Today, journalists are hard-pressed for time and if they find the olive branch of information (you!), they’re likely to spend less time finding alternate sources and will likely follow up with you about development or progress (journalists, please correct me if I’m wrong. Your input is very important). You will begin to learn about the journalist and foster a mutual relationship where you might come by a story that your client has and the journalist would be interested in writing about!


Remember, its not just about HARO. It’s about helping a reporter in your locality: in your neighbourhood, or borough, or municipality. Get involved with the community. This is one of the most important things for a PR Professional, and more so for an aspiring one. I cannot begin to emphasize why it’s important to get involved, but what I can tell you is that you’ll meet more people, know more things, and be able to make things happen for yourself, and for others.

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