Klout is a company that touts itself as “The Standard for Influence.” When I first registered with Klout, it wasn’t all that great, even though it did give me somewhat of an idea of what my influence online was. There was a lot left to be desired however, including more intimate insights, and detailed statistics.

Klout just came out with a new beta version. Here are some of its features that I wanted to share. They hold great promise:

Social Network

Klout uses your Twitter and Facebook accounts to measure your influence. I suggest that you link both accounts in order to get a more accurate understanding of your overall online influence, unless of course, you want to specifically measure your twitter influence.

Score Analysis

As if Klout read my mind, there is now a graph that shows you your influence over the past 30 days, although this isn’t entirely clear. In addition to score analysis, it gives you your network influence, amplification probability, and true reach. In addition, it gives you a brief description of what each of these measurements mean and a one-liner that talks to your performanc. Clck on the picture for a larger view.


Klout also allows you to see who you influence and what their Klout score is. It shows you whether or not their score has gone up or down in the past 30 days, and by how much. It also shows you what they are titled as: Feeder, Explorer, Activist are just a few of the titles that you may achieve. Sometimes it shows you the tags which are pertinent to the influencer, although it is not clear why some people have tags and others don’t. Click on the image for a larger version.

Other Features

You can also create a new list of people and earn badges or achievements. The purpose of the list isn’t entirely clear. It would be better if Klout could pick up the lists you already have or are on and do something with them, but creating a new list seems redundant. In addition, the legacy badges are almost patronizing and don’t seem to be updated.

Klout Perks

The best part I like about the new beta Klout is its Perks. I’m not quite sure how it works, but its very promising. Here’s some examples of how Klout can help you earn perks based on your influence. You can click “learn more” to sign up. Right now there is only one active Perk and it is full, so I have not had a chance to try the feature. Here’s some of the ways you can be selected for a Perk:

Audi invited key influencers in design, technology, and luxury to test drive the new 2011 A8 at an exclusive event in SF. A few lucky winners took the A8 for a luxurious weekend getaway.

This is quite cool, if you ask me. Here’s something cooler:

Heyday Footwear offered key influencers at SXSW a limited edition pair of the Heyday SuperShift.

This Perks aspect seems like a profitable feature for Klout. If this works out, I think that Klout will successfully be able to monetize on their service. It is of course a numbers game, and so there must be a lot of Perks available for people to take advantage of. Participating in a Perk will not change your Klout score.


Klout seems like a promising service. It’s one of the few influence measurement tools that are still working online and actually seem to have a legitimate analysis algorithm. Have you used Klout? What do you think?




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