Before I graduated, I had high hopes and dreams of getting into PR. Often times, to get to your goal – to be a successful PR Pro – you need to go through different places, some which will be so far away from your dreams, and time consuming, that you won’t have the time of day to think of your aspirations. So what do you do? Well, you keep thinking of them! Here’s a few things I’ve learned being in a completely different business about how to stay on top of your PR game.

1. First and Foremost – Write it Down

First thing’s first. You need to write your goal down on a piece of paper and keep it where it’s visible to you at least once a day. This could be as simple as your resume’s objective: “To become a PR Professional at Argyle PR in the finance sector.” It works to put this on your bathroom where you go first thing in the morning. As well as the last. This will be your constant reminder.

2. More Than Just a Pitch

PR is more than pitching to journalists, writing press releases, and doing research. PR is a way of life that permeates in everything that you do. If you’re working as a cash clerk, use your skills. Talk to people. Convince them about something. Change their perception about international development. This will keep your mind sharp, and always active. Listen.

3. Read a lot

The best way to get involved in public relations from the outset is to read. Read the latest articles related to PR. Some great sources? The PR Daily, LinkedIn PR groups, and the #PRStudChat and #CanPR hashtags on Twitter. Also follow the Canada PR Daily, the newspaper which gives you a succinct overview of some of the greatest articles relating to the PR industry as well as marketing.

4. Get talking

Talk to people in the industry. Engage with them in relevant conversation. Find a few people you can really learn from and connect with them, both on a professional and personal level. Build a relationship with them. Do this on Twitter or LinkedIn groups.

Deirdre Breakenridge adds,

“‘Get Talking’ can lead to relationship building, which is at the heart of public relations. PR professionals should always focus good personal and business relationships, based on trust and mutual interests. It’s these great relationships that bind us together and make our industry stronger.”

There are many more ways to get in to PR. What are your suggestions?

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