The Magic

There are some people for whom everything falls into place. Look at your network of friends and family. Chances are thatImage courtesy: Mashable there is at least one person you know who got the perfect job offer. Or, there might be someone you know who was given the perfect opportunity to invest in a company that’s about to go big. They probably don’t know it, but they’re networking mavens.

The Pledge: What is a networking maven?

A networking maven is someone who has casual and professional connections that cut the cross-section of society. These people are great at remembering names, passions, and professions. So, when the networking maven meets someone new, they will link his or her passions to someone they already know and offer to make an introduction.

The Turn: The magic behind the magic

I don’t know what it is about making introductions, but I know that its effects are magical. Think of it in terms of threads. You connect two people with a thread. This creates two more threads, one end of which connects to you. The other end doesn’t connect to anyone. Yet. Subconsciously, the two people you connected in the first place find it important to connect the open ends to someone they know that may be of relevance to you. And this is networking magic.

How to perform the magic trick: Practical advice

Do this. Make a list of five people in your immediate friends’ circle. Write a short description about what their passions are. Then make a list of five other people who have similar passions and connect them with a thread, one by one. Immediately, you will find yourself open to a larger network of people to whom you can be of value, and from whom you can derive value.

The Prestige: The Maven’s Paradox

And here’s The Maven’s Paradox: the more people you connect, the more influential you become. The more influential you become, the more people will do for you. That’s right – as you do more for others, you will stand to gain exponentially more. It’s funny how amazing things keep happening to some people who already have it all. You become that person. And this is what I call maven magnetism.

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