Deirdre Breakenridge on Social Media Engagement

Recently, Harrison Kratz produced a two-part interview with Deirdre Breakenridge for PRTV, a wonderful initiative that brings the PR community together, with some amazing content for PR students. Deirdre had some great things to say – and she always does. She connects with her audience, making her one of the influencers in the social media […]

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Are You a People Relationist?

Harrison Kratz of Kratz PR published a post that people are the foundation of PR. He was referring to the people aspect of technology, or more specifically, people as determinant of the role and success of technologies such as Facebook and Twitter. This is an important aspect to remember. There is another aspect regarding people […]

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Timely and Transparent Communications Key in Averting Crisis: Case Study – LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a wonderful community of professional connections and associations. It’s very engaged, versatile, and always abuzz about things that are relevant. It makes sense that managing such a community is no small feat, and many people work together to ensure that the network lives up to professional standards demanded by users. Recently, LinkedIn sent […]

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