It is immense pleasure to recommend Tabish Bhimani for his excellent performance on the World Partnership Walk campaign over the past years. He is incredibly talented and innovative. He is passionate, intelligent, and a remarkable individual. Great communication skills, a positive outlook, and a pleasing personality couples his talent. I would highly recommend him for any future program, service award, and recognition.

Zahed Lalani – Manager, Corporate Engagement & Regional Campaign Manager, Aga Khan Foundation Canada

Tabish is a communications genius, a skilled story teller, and a confident public speaker.  Tabish developed key contacts with various ethnic, community, and university media, persuading them to write human interest stories. He developed the earliest strategy for social media in Montreal that has now been built upon at a national level, as well as a comprehensive communications roll out plan that included various internal and external stakeholders. I am confident that Tabish will be an invaluable asset to any corporation or public relations agency.

Rahim Tajdin – Director, World Partnership Walk, Montreal

Tabish is proactive and takes the initiative to start new projects and take them from conception through to implementation. He got several new initiatives up and running within a very short time period. He committed himself to seeing the project through to completion and did so calmly, enthusiastically and admirably.

Kimberly Darlington – Board of Directors, Federal Liberal Riding Association of Ville-Marie

Tabish is creative, strategic, and goes the extra mile to deliver more than what is asked for. He was also a crucial member of my social media team, in which he again proved himself capable in a diverse range of activities. Tabish has great work ethic and handles pressure extremely well. I can confidently recommend him as an asset to any organisation.

Nicolette Papastefanou – Program Coordinator, PR & Marketing Coms, McGill University

Tabish was not only an outstanding student, he also showed exceptional leadership by participating in or initiating groups and projects dedicated to improving the program’s content, particularly with respect to digital media. His contributions helped make the student experience richer and the program itself stronger.

Elizabeth Hirst – Program Coordinator, PR, McGill University

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