Fire your social media manager

Social media is an imperative part of your image, your credibility, and therefore, your PR. And PR is an integral part of management. This means that if PR is not communicating with Customer Service, it’s not doing its job.

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Whats Your Klout?

Klout is a company that touts itself as “The Standard for Influence.” When I first registered with Klout, it wasn’t all that great, even though it did give me somewhat of an idea of what my influence online was. There was a lot left to be desired however, including more intimate insights, and detailed statistics. […]

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Are You a People Relationist?

Harrison Kratz of Kratz PR published a post that people are the foundation of PR. He was referring to the people aspect of technology, or more specifically, people as determinant of the role and success of technologies such as Facebook and Twitter. This is an important aspect to remember. There is another aspect regarding people […]

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